First Visit & Patient Experience

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Welcome to the Spa

We’d love to treat you to a unique dental experience where calm and comfort lead the way.

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New patient exams are thorough and customized

We listen to your hopes, fears, and previous dental experiences. From there, we thoroughly assess your oral health and create a customized treatment plan. For anxious and scared patients, we offer options for nitrous, oral sedation, or even the coordination of treatment with a dental anesthesiologist.

We create a patient centered experience

For example, you’ll choose from half a dozen flavors of topical, enjoy lip moisturizer, and you’re always in control to stop us or slow down treatment at any time.

We use technology to make dentistry better

Some examples include the use of isolites, same-day crowns, and intraoral photos to guide the patient through what is happening during the procedure (except for those patients who don't want to see photos).

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What To Bring

  • Photo ID (such as a valid driver’s license)
  • Insurance card (for those with dental insurance)
  • Any questions, concerns, hopes, and goals
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Quotation Mark

like a spa...

This place is like a spa, the music they play is soothing and relaxing. The whole team is smart and friendly. Couldn’t ask for better care. Thanks again, see y’all on the next visit....

Allyal N.

A dentist's office located in Clayton, California, featuring a comfortable chair for patients and a well-equipped sink.

We’ll Help You Maximize Your Benefits

Dental insurance can be difficult to understand, even for those of us who navigate the maze every day. We help you maximize the benefits that are available to you while accepting many dental insurance plans and offering a variety of payment options.

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No Insurance? No Problem

We offer an in-house membership plan that includes free X-rays, cleanings, and a discount on restorative procedures.

Reach out to us!

We look forward to meeting you. Call 925-672-1559 or request an appointment online to set up your first visit. We'll be in touch soon.